Anti-LGBT activist wishes the US punished LGBT people by life imprisonment, just like Uganda and Gambia

Longtime anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera, who worked for the Family Research Council and Concerned Women For America and the Illinois Family Institute before going it alone with his own Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, is praising nations like Uganda and Gambia, where homosexuality is punished by life imprisonment (after first considering punishment by the death penalty).  According to Peter, these nations are far better off than the United States.

This comes from the American Family Association's "news" arm, called OneNewsNow:

Earlier this year Uganda passed a strong law against practicing homosexuality. The law was rejected by the nation's high court due to a technicality, but it's expected to pass on a second attempt. Nigeria has a similar law, and Gambia recently became the latest country to approve one.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality notes that the U.S. is withdrawing aid from these countries until the laws are revoked. However in Uganda, an estimated 98 percent of the residents voiced support for their president's refusal to bow to U.S. demands, in spite of the withdrawal of economic aid.

“Just because America has fallen so far that we now treat sin, in this case homosexuality, as a civil right doesn't mean we have the right to force that on other countries that have more wholesome and biblical values,” LaBarbera tells OneNewsNow. 

FULL: African nations not caving to pro-'gay' push from U.S. [AFA's ONN]

He says he it because he means it.  Says it because he would have such punishments here in the states, if he had his way.

It's easy to hear something like this and write it off as fringe and disassociated from the mainstream movement.  But this comment is running on the property of the American Family Association.  The American Family Association runs a radio network where very mainstream figures like Tony Perkins have their own shows.  The AFA is also a chief sponsor of the upcoming Values Voter Summit, where any number of sitting members of the US House and Senate are scheduled to speak, alongside mainstream conservative commentators and thought leaders.  Etcetera, etcetera.

So yes, while you are unlikely to hear a more mainstream figure go on cable news and admit that he'd like America's LGBT persecution to mirror an nation like Uganda, don't for a second disconnect Peter's desires from the anti-LGBT movement at large.  It is all connected.  It is one giant web with one focused spider.  We are the prey.