Another Transphobic Headline from NY Post

The New York Post is at it again.

The paper, which has sordid history of publishing salaciously inaccurate and defamatory stories about the LGBT community, yesterday ran a story discussing criticism of Chaz Bono for his recent comments about his transition. Only, instead of showing respect for gender identity and expression, the paper referred to Chaz and Stephen Ira, the transgender son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, as “she-men.”  This language may seem like just a terrible attempt at juvenile humor, but the truth is that slurs like this dehumanize all people in the transgender community. The New York Post is telegraphing to its readers that transgender people shouldn't be treated with the same respect as others.

The Post has been the subject of previous GLAAD Calls to Action. Last summer, we called the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid out for its offensive critique of “The Kids Are Alright” in which the writer, Andrea Peyser, took cheap shots at families led by same-sex couples. We’ve also taken action against the paper for juvenile and defamatory treatments of LGBT issues in the past, and back when we had a "Best and Worst" list, the post was on the "Worst" side of it on several occasions.

We thank all of you who brought this to our attention, and others in the media (including Instinct Magazine) for also calling out this blatant transphobia. GLAAD attempted several times to contact editor Ian Mohr (who you can also call at (212) 930-8500 or e-mail at regarding this horrible headline, but (surprise) we have not yet heard back. We encourage you to write or call the paper to condemn this type of transphobic rhetoric.