Anonymous transphobic Wikipedia edits linked to an IP address in US Congress

According to reports from the Twitter account congress-edits, which tracks when anonymous Wikipedia edits are made from IP addresses associated with Congressional office buildings, someone in a US House of Representatives office building has been making transphobic edits to the page about Netflix series Orange is the New Black. The page, which identifies actress Laverne Cox as a transgender woman portraying a transgender character, has been edited to claim that she is a "real man pretending to be a woman," and references an extremely offensive article that ran in the anti-LGBT outlet, The National Review, about Cox.

The same IP address has been tracked making problematic edits to other transgender-related pages, such as a page about Camp Trans, the annual event protesting the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival's so-called "womyn-born-womyn intention," and another page about transphobia. Pages on gender identity disorder and Gavin McInnes, the writer whose transphobic Thought Catalog article resulted in an "indefinite leave of absence" from his own ad agency, were also reportedly edited from the US House IP address.

"It's chilling to think that this dangerous misinformation about transgender Americans could be coming from our nation's Capitol," said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. "At a time when transgender people still face horrific rates of violence, trailblazers like Laverne Cox are helping millions understand that ignorance like this can have life-threatening consequences."​​