Andrew Garfield plays trans woman in new Arcade Fire music video "We Exist"

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Andrew Garfield plays a transgender woman who finds herself transported in front of a cheering crowd in the new music video for Arcade Fire's latest single "We Exist." Last November, frontman Win Butler described the song's lyrics as being about a son coming out to his father as gay. The video, shot last month at Coachella brings another dimension to the song. Billboard reports:

"The clip -- which the band teased last week -- begins with Garfield shaving his head, feeling his skull and letting out a sigh of relief -- and then a twinge of uncertainty -- when putting on a bra. Eventually Garfield's character ends up in a bar, where she begins slow-dancing with a man but is quickly shoved around by other occupants in the seedy establishment.

Fortunately, the serious situation dissipates, and Garfield enters a fantastical dance scenario and finds the strength to get off the barroom floor. The clip ends with Garfield's character finding her way to Coachella, where Arcade Fire happens to be headlining; she stumbles toward and onto the stage, locking eyes with frontman Win Butler and soaking in the cheers from the (real) crowd."

Watch the video below and read the full piece at Billboard.