American Federation of Teachers works with GLAAD to prevent anti-LGBT bullying

Many young people are bullied daily in classrooms and school communities around the country. As a growing social issue, bullying is present not just in school communities but online as well. In an effort to help combat bullying – both online and off—GLAAD has partnered with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Through its current campaign, See a bully, Stop a bully, AFT has scheduled a number of events and activities to better educate teachers, parents and students on bullying and provide them with resources to effectively handle and prevent harassment at school. These events and activities include regional institutes and webinars on topics such as: creating safe spaces, bullying on the internet, and developing personal and cultural frameworks for bullying, to name a few.

The institutes and webinars focus on the impact of bullying on LGBT students, student with disabilities, English-language learners, students who are bullied due to culture and ethnicity, and students who are cyber bullied. The webinars also cover the importance of safe and supportive school communities.

To learn how you can take part in upcoming events and webinars, visit here.

Next month, GLAAD and AFT will launch a new anti-bullying PSA campaign called “Amplify Your Voice,” which will feature celebrity allies speaking directly to parents, teachers, and friends of LGBT youth and calling on them to support their LGBT friends. AFT and GLAAD will also distribute resource kits to schools across the country. The “Amplify Your Voice” campaign builds on the success of GLAAD’s 2007 “Be an Ally & A Friend” campaign, which reached millions nationwide through network, cable and digital media outlets.

To learn more about AFT’s anti-bullying campaign, visit See a bully, Stop a bully.