American Family Association equates Michael Sam with brain concussion

The American Family Association's senior issue analyst, Bryan Fischer, thinks NFL draftee Michael Sam, by simple virtue of being a gay man, is "the sexual equivalent of a brain concussion." And according to the AFA's top staffer—whose radio show, we should note, routinely plays to national figures, including U.S. Senators and other notable conservative names—the NFL should be forcing Sam into scientifically-shunned "reparative therapy."

This is your organized anti-LGBT movement at work, my friends:

The NFL is celebrating the sexual equivalent of a brain concussion by going gaga over Michael Sam’s sexual proclivities.
For a league increasingly priding itself on concern for player safety and health, it is bizarre that they are enthusiastically praising a draftee for a lifestyle that could send him to an early grave.

The NFL has already spent $765 million in compensation to former players who suffered concussions during their careers, and are limiting helmet to helmet contact in such a way that the league will soon be reduced to flag football, all in the interest in player health.

This makes their fluttering hysterics over Sam inexplicable in a sane, rational world. According to the Centers for Disease Control - not, you will note, a part of the vast rightwing conspiracy - young black males comprise the single highest risk category for HIV/AIDS.
If the NFL possessed one ounce of genuine compassion instead of the ersatz kind that exalts what should be condemned, they would be meeting privately with Michael Sam to urge him in the strongest possible terms to pursue reparative therapy in the hopes of saving his life.

Alas, the only people who truly care for Mr. Sam are those who love him enough to tell him the truth about the health risks of homosexual behavior. And that sadly does not include the leadership of the NFL. They long ago sold their souls to the virulent, vitriolic bullies and bigots of Big Gay. But it will be Michael Sam who pays the price for their soulless cowardice.

The American Family Association

We should note that Sam, as evidenced by the sweet kiss that a worldwide audience viewed at the time the player learned he had been drafted, seems to be in a committed relationship. But that of course doesn't matter to Bryan. No, no—to him, just being a gay man means being "high risk." To him, homosexuality is itself a hazard by its simple existence. To him, safe sex has nothing to do with the responsible practices that all sexually active men and women must acknowledge in order to protect their health, and has everything to do with shaming certain kinds of people into accepting the view that they were created in a "defective" way.

An out, proud, visible man like Michael Sam is a major threat to the Bryan Fischer agenda, and he knows it. In a perfect world, Bryan would accept this historic development as yet another sign that his work is regressive and out of touch with the 21st century, leading him to pursue a new and ideally more productive hobby. But in our imperfect world, it leads Bryan to instead compare this vibrant young American's basic truth to a brain concussion.

And of course the American Family Association, a major player in the fight against us, chose to publish it.


**UPDATE: In a follow up, Fischer claims Sam is like someone who has an explosive device strapped to his life