American Family Association’s hope for COVID-19: Fewer kids in LGBTQ-affirming schools

As we come together in these trying times, most of us are holding on to hope. Hope for the health of those who have contracted the virus. Hope for the economic wellbeing of those who are hard hit. Hope for the mental health of those who are under long term lockdown. Ultimately, hope for a timely and resounding end to this global pandemic.

But leave it to the American Family Association and its spokespeople to latch onto a worldwide crisis and use it to continue their anti-LGBTQ crusade. This is precisely what the AFA's Bryan Fischer is doing over on the organization's website, where, in a piece thoughtlessly titled "The Good That Could Come From Coronavirus," he writes the following about his hope for COVID-19:

"...closing public schools will protect vulnerable young children from force-fed indoctrination into the absurd and anti-science environmental agenda. It will protect them from being brainwashed into normalizing sexual deviancy, gender confusion, and Drag Queen story hours. By forcing parents to home school their children at this time, big government nannies may discover that all they did was to give parents a chance to try home education and discover they liked it more than they thought." 


Such values, huh? While millions of us around the world are in restless worry about this hurting world and how we can fix it, this man who professes to be a "family values" voice of a "pro-family" organization is seriously citing the saving of children "from being brainwashed into normalizing sexual deviancy" as a goal. A hope. A plan forward for a planet that's suffering.

Not to mention, parents all over this country are struggling to figure out both care and education for their children who have now lost their schools and teachers. How heartless can you be to look at this, one of the most impactful blows to working families to stem from coronavirus, and tell these families that their burden and lost educational opportunities for their children is actually a blessing? A blessing, as Bryan tells it, because these schools were always too darn queen for proper educatin' in the first place.

They say that crises really show people and communities for who they are. Well, AFA--we hear and see you! While you all spend this time of crisis misplacing your "values" and pushing your un-American obsessions that seek to harm families, the rest of us will work to save the world from normalizing deviant values like yours.