"The Amazing Race's" Lesbian Couple Aastha Lal and Nina Doung Talk About Show's Historic New Season

The Emmy award winning CBS reality series The Amazing Race is back like we’ve never seen it before. The 34th season premieres Wednesday, September 21st on CBS. This will be the series’ 400th episode and for the first time, the 12 teams will begin the race outside of the United States, traveling to Munich, Germany for the starting line. Racing everywhere from Jordan to Iceland and countless landmarks in between, this season also features an engaged couple named Aastha Lal and Nina Doung. GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by the couple on Instagram Live. 



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Lal talks about how it has always been a dream of hers to compete on the show. “I’ve been watching ever since I was a wee little las!” She says. “Then for preparation for the race, I made Nina watch too.” Doung reveals she had never actually seen the show until she met Aastha and was immediately hooked. 

The couple is excited for LGBTQ audience members to watch them compete because “We didn’t see people like us growing up on TV.” Lal says. Doung goes on to say, “There’s so many other parts of me too and I really want to share them with the world without them just identifying me as a lesbian.”

Doung reflects on her time on the show and says, “The ability for us to share our previous experiences, tell our coming out stories, and talk about our numerous identities and how they conflict with each other, those are really rewarding conversations. It was a really amazing experience overall.” 

Lal shares that when she first met her now fiancée on Tinder, she did not think it was going to work out. But 4 years and a reality show later, they are still going strong. “She nerded her way into my heart!” Lal jokes.

Follow Aastha and Nina on their adventure around the world on The Amazing Race premiering Wednesday, September 21st, on CBS and Paramount +.