All-star HIV and AIDS awareness PSA set to begin airing across the nation this month

Today, GLAAD is releasing the latest in its series of public service announcements (PSA) in partnership with The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), set to begin airing this month in seventy-two cable markets across the nation through a generous contribution of airtime by Comcast NBCUniversal. The all-star PSA, produced by award-winning Martian Entertainment, was created to inspire, inform, and reignite the passion needed to beat the HIV and AIDS epidemic once and for all.

"GLAAD was founded in order to combat the sensationalized media coverage surrounding the HIV and AIDS crisis in the 80s, and we have been committed to this cause ever since," said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO. "This campaign will help bring more awareness to HIV and AIDS and remind everyone that we have the power to end this epidemic in our lifetime."

The PSA harnesses the power and emotion of Elizabeth Taylor's speech at the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and includes participation from Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Lane, Meredith Vieira, Tituss Burgess, Bebe Neuwirth, and Whoopi Goldberg, each featured in versions of the PSA previously released.

In 1985, GLAAD was founded in response to the New York Post’s grossly defamatory coverage of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Three decades later, GLAAD’s legacy of fighting injustice in the media for the LGBT community has reshaped our culture and created historic levels of acceptance. In addition to the series of PSAs, GLAAD, along with AIDS United and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, last year released a guide for journalists on covering HIV and AIDS in a new era of prevention and treatment. To download the guide, click here