"For All the Children" Highlights Catholic Support for LGBT Equality

A new video from Minnesota highlights Catholic support for LGBT people and opposition to the anti-marriage equality amendment proposed in that state. The video features an ever-expanding congregation singing a song about God’s wide welcome.

The hymn they are singing, “For All the Children,” was written by David Lohman. Lohman is the Faith Work Coordinator for the Institute for Welcoming Resources of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and a church music director. You can see him playing the piano in the video.

The most notable part of the video is the ending credits. The Roman Catholic parishes represented in the video are all listed, with forty congregations represented. They were joined by friends and supporters from many faiths.

According to the video’s own description:

Catholic laity and friends gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to give voice to their faith, their hope and their conscience.

They sang that day as sanctuary for all young people discovering who they are and whom they love.

They sang as witness to the strong and wide embrace of God’s love.

They sang in clear support of the love and commitment shared by same-sex couples and families.

This is their song.

The video was supported by Dignity USA and Catholics for Marriage Equality. The video is a visual reminder that the vast majority of Catholics support LGBT equality, including marriage equality. Often, the media portrays the Catholic position by statements and actions of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. However, the truth is that the hierarchy is out of touch with the reality of Catholic support for LGBT people.

GLAAD applauds all Catholic supporters for LGBT equality. This video deserves to go viral as a touching tribute to LGBT equality from all our faith communities. Please share this video via social media and share it with conflicted Christians who continue to struggle with how to reconcile their faith with support for their LGBT family and friends.