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BREAKING: Mississippi's anti-LGBT HB 1523 becomes law, signed by governor

"While other state legislatures have advanced attacks on LGBT people this session, no state in the country has passed a law like this."Read More

Mississippi pastor speaks out, says #NOHB1523

The faith-filled and personal statement speaks to the experience of being an LGBT Christian woman in Mississippi and the harmful impact HB 1523 would have, not just on the community, but on the state as a whole.Read More

How 6 LGBT Mississippians would be harmed by HB 1523

The anti-LGBT HB 1523 is on Gov. Phil Bryant's desk for approval. Here's how it could impact 6 LGBT Mississippians' lives.Read More

Mississippi may pass 'license to discriminate' law today

HB 1523 "creates sweeping exemptions allowing people and businesses to discriminate against transgender people and same-sex couples based on their religious or moral beliefs."Read More

300+ celebs, companies, clergy speak out against anti-LGBT #FADA in Georgia

A hub for entertainment, technology, and general commerce, FADA may prove to be bad for business, but many prominent leaders are speaking out for LGBT equality.Read More

GLAAD Global Voices returns to the United Kingdom

GLAAD spent the last week in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh to revisit some of the people and organizations with whom GLAAD began working last October as part of the Global Voices program.Read More

LGBT southerners amplifying their voices nominated for #glaadawards

These nominees both amplify the oft-erased voices of LGBT Southerners, and change hearts and minds by bringing their multifaceted experiences to the forefront of the American public.Read More

Growing bi representation honored with GLAAD Media Award nominations

A growing number of entertainment's moments captured well-rounded, responsible, and diverse depictions of bisexuality, and GLAAD is celebrating those moments with Media Award nominations.

Read More
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