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VIDEO: 2012 gun violence survivor Kristene Chapa speaks at #WeAreOrlando vigil

"Having a gun pointed at you is an awful experience. Praying you will make it. Fearing you will not see your loved ones again. Knowing this is it, you are going to die."Read More

#SayTheirNames #WeAreOrlando

It’s more important than ever that we share their names, each of which has a lifetime of stories behind it.Read More

SIGN THE PETITION: Call on TN legislators to repeal HB 1840

HB 1840 allows counselors and therapists to refuse critical mental health services to LGBT people simply because of who they are.Read More

South Carolina's anti-trans bill defeated, sponsor threatens new bills

It's believed Senator Bright missed the deadline as a strategy to avoid putting it to a vote in the Senate General Committee, where it was expected to lose.Read More

Belinda Carlisle to MS Governor: nothing less Christian than new discriminatory law

In her letter, Belinda tells Gov. Bryant, "As the very proud mother of a gay child I can't imagine anything less Christian than using the law as a weapon against others," names LGBT Mississippians who are impacted by the law, and calls on the elected official to repeal HB 1523.Read More

Tennessee's anti-trans bill laid to rest, but not dead

While the work to not only silence this bill once and for all, but to shift the cultural narrative towards full acceptance, is undoubtedly ongoing, the importance of this moment is not to be understated.Read More

South Carolina legislature targets trans people with new public accommodations bill

The bill's author, a State Senator, called trans people "pedophiles" and said multi-gender bathrooms are "just beyond [him]."Read More

Louisiana senate committee to hear anti-LGBT bill SB 288 today

A bill known as SB 288 that would effectively ban nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Louisianans across the state is up consideration. Read More
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