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Southern advocates change hearts and minds across the region for #SpiritDay

People from across Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, and beyond have made known the importance of visibly supporting the youngest members of the LGBT community:

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Leading bisexual groups bring attention to bullying on #SpiritDay

In a united stand against bullying and in support of all LGBTQ youth, leading bisexual advocacy organizations have “gone purple” for Spirit Day.

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Wells Fargo employees go purple far and wide for LGBTQ youth

A presenting partner of GLAAD’s Spirit Day, Wells Fargo helped make Spirit Day, the world’s most visible anti-bullying campaign, a global phenomenon once again.

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Verdict reached 4 years after deadly attack on TX lesbian teen couple

Four years after surviving an execution-style shooting and sexual assault, Kristene Chapa has received a verdict in the trial of her alleged attacker

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13 things you didn’t know about being bisexual+

(MAP) released “Invisible Majority,” a new report that explores the experiences of people who identify as bisexual—who make up more than half of the LGBT community.

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“I have a complicated relationship with my hometown”: Bisexuals+ share their #SouthernStories for #BiWeek

Sofia, a bisexual Latina woman, says of southern Texas, “The culture is beautiful and rich and there’s something so comforting about seeing the big ol’ 10 gallon hats, with the big ol’ belt buckles, and the sound of music playing…At the same time, I wish it was a little bit different. I wish that we could come here [and] not be afraid for our safety.”

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#BlackLivesMatter advocate DeRay Mckesson arrested during Baton Rouge protest, released

"McKesson, who filmed the encounter on Periscope, repeatedly pointed out that they weren’t blocking the street and that there was no sidewalk in the area where they were marching."Read More
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