AIDS United hosts "Love, Sex & Trust: Intimacy in the Era of HIV"

As a part of the We Shall Not Be Removed Google Hangout series, AIDS United is hosting a panel called Love, Sex & Trust: Intimacy in the Era of HIV. This panel will discuss how fears of HIV transmission impact relationships, the issues surrounding how we think about HIV and the stigma surrounding it. With this panel, a dialogue and discussion is encouraged in order to uncover how sex, trust, and intimacy are impacting the HIV epidemic in black gay male communities.

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men represent 2% of the United States population yet accounted for 63% of new HIV infections in 2010. Among this group, gay and bisexual men of color are even more disproportionately impacted. Young gay and bisexual black men accounted for twice as many new HIV infections as either white or young Hispanic/Latino gay and bisexual men. By bringing togather experts, visionaries, and thought leaders from across the LGBT and HIV communities, AIDS United helps highlight the discussion about the impact of HIV on gay and bisexual men of color, how this issue relates to and stems from parallel social justice movements, and innovative strategies that could help alleviate the epidemic.

This panel includes Errol L. Fields, David Malebranche, Darnell L. Moore, and Yolo Akili Robinson. To learn more about those involved in this panel, and the mission of the We Shall Not Be Removed series, visit Click here to join the panel!