Ahead Of World Cup, poll finds soccer fans worldwide support openly gay players

Although there will be no openly out players in the 2014 World Cup, a recent poll suggests that majority of fans are ready for a change.

As The Guardian reported, British LGBT equality group Stonewall and Swedish online developer Football Addicts conducted a poll asking fans from around the world whether they would support an openly gay player on their national team. As many as 30,000 fans from 29 countries participated in the study.

The researchers found that majorities of fans across Europe and North America would support an openly gay player. Countries such as Sweden and Denmark scored highest with 79%, followed by Britain with 73%. The United States scored the lowest with as little as 52% of support towards an out player.

Make sure to check out YouTube's newest LGBT Pride campaign. As part of the campaign, YouTube's logo, seen by tens of millions of people every day, features a rainbow soccer ball and leads visitors to the #ProudToPlay channel, which showcases videos of LGBT athletes and allies speaking out in support of equality on the field.

"As athletes from across nations and leagues come out, sports fans throughout the world are embracing LGBT players and ejecting bias from the game," said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. "GLAAD is thrilled to support Google and YouTube in this landmark initiative to help tackle stereotypes and build understanding."