Against Me! Rocker Laura Jane Grace Pens Piece for Cosmo about Her Transition

Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of the punk band Against Me! who came out as transgender last year in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine, has written a piece for Cosmo about her experience transitioning in the public eye.

Laura's Cosmo story touches on several points of her journey during the past year; from coming out to her family and friends, to fan support (overwhelmingly positive), and her joy at performing for the first time in a skirt. Laura's wife, Heather, was also interviewed for the story.

"I met trans men and women from all walks of life, all at various points in their journeys. Many said I was an inspiration to them, but they are an inspiration to me," Grace said of fan response during recent shows. "I feel lucky to have friends around the world who share in the experience. I hope that I can be that source of hope for someone out there who's struggling."

"That's the lesson that I want to impart to my daughter: It doesn't matter what people think of you—you have to be true to yourself," Grace writes.

Several constituents alerted us to the fact that the piece does identify Laura using male pronouns when talking about her past, which we normally consider not preferable. However, the editor of the story did check with Laura, and this is her preference. Unless told otherwise, it's still best to use pronouns that match a person's current gender identity throughout, but a person's self-identity always takes precedence, so this article handled the story correctly.

Laura Jane Grace has been the lead singer of Against Me! since the band was formed in 1997 when she was 17 years old. Check out her performing The Replacements' song "Androgynous" last summer with her personal hero Joan Jett below and read Laura's story at