After GLAAD Outreach on Anti-Trans Piece, HuffPo to Meet with GLAAD

As recently reported, progressive internet newspaper Huffington Post removed an article featuring a transphobic joke after it sparked a public outcry from many in the LGBT community including GLAAD and Equality Matters. On Monday, the Huffington Post published a story titled “Blake Lively or Sofia Vergara: Who’s Got the Tr**ny Look?” by associate style editor Ellie Krupnick. The headline used the transphobic slur “tr**ny,” which has ignited a national dialogue about the use of the word. Members of the trans community, including Isis King, have spoken out against its use and have called for more media attention around inaccurate generalizations of transgender women. The Huffington Post took down the original story and issued the following apologetic editor’s note:

Editor's Note: This entry has been removed from The Huffington Post. In reporting actress Sofia Vergara’s comments comparing her appearance to that of a transgender individual, the story adopted an inappropriate tone. We regret the error and apologize to anyone who was offended.

GLAAD is now in talks to meet with the Huffington Post to discuss their coverage of transgender issues and suggest additional story ideas as well as guest writers. The news outlet has traditionally covered a range of progressive and LGBT issues. Recently, Ja’briel Walthour, Denise Brogan-Kator , who are both trans women, were featured in the Black Voices and Gay Voices sections.

GLAAD also used this as an opportunity to call for more inclusive and accurate stories about transgender women saying: “Articles like this illustrate the unfortunate dearth of accurate images of transgender women available today. Removing the post was the first step, and GLAAD looks forward to working with editors to educate readers about transgender Americans today and ensure better judgment is used going forward.” GLAAD appreciates Huffington Post for understanding the impact of this error and for promptly removing the original story.