AFA sr. analyst: Marriage equality 'as indefensible as slavery'

The American Family Association's Director of Issues Analysis continues to prove the shocking and cruel lengths of that organization's agenda.  This time he is saying, without hesitation or alternate interpretation, that marriage equality is "as morally bankrupt and indefensible as the institution of slavery": 

The Court yesterday enshrined an institution that is as morally bankrupt and indefensible as the institution of slavery. Slavery ate away America's soul and homosexual marriage will do the same thing. It is a deviant and grotesque caricature of the real thing. For this sexual debauchery to be normalized by the highest court in the land is a sign of a nation plunging headlong into a bottomless moral abyss.

Yesterday the Supreme Court did something unconscionable, unconstitutional and un-American. It cannot stand and in the end it will not stand. To say that the Court settled the issue of homosexual marriage yesterday is as foolish as saying Dred Scott settled the issue of slavery.

FULL: The Dred Scott of gay marriage [AFA]

I have nothing to say about this really. When a political commentator compares grown adults seizing their rights and freedoms as taxpayers so that they might enter into loving legal unions to the literal captivity and human rights abuses of a minority population, the best thing for that commentator's opposing voice to do is to get out of the way and let the commentator keep talking.

The people who should step in and say "enough is enough!" are the people who work at the AFA, the politicians who spoke at the recent Values Voter Summit that the AFA sponsored, who have their own shows alongside Bryan on the AFA Radio network (Hey there, Tony Perkins), and who continue to defend this organization as simply a conservative outlet (hey there, Fox News' Todd Starnes). But they won't.