The Advocate's New York Comic Con Guide










The Advocate has compiled a comprehensive guide to LGBTQ related panels and discussions at this weekend's New York City Comic Con. They also give a little insight into how NYCC is working to create a diverse and safe environment.

The Con pushes forward in growing its television-based programming, with panels focused on New York-based Marvel Studios production Daredevil and the CW's Arrow. Additionally, the Con has created a "Diversity Track" to highlight programming focusing on issues related to the LGBTQ community, gender, and race.

To make itself stand out even more, NYCC has taken the bold move of uniting with fans and stepping up its anti-harassment policies. Female geek blog helped to structure the Con's guidelines, while fan-favorite artist Amy Reeder contributed art for signs that will be displayed during the convention. By taking a grassroots approach to stopping harassment, organizers have created an event that everyone can enjoy.

Highlights of the list include: Adam West & Batman: The Complete Television Series, Tribute Panel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Will Always Kick Ass, Secret Identities -- Transgender Themes in Comic Books and Gay Geeks of NY Geek Trivia Gathering

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