The Advocate, Out, them., HuffPost Queer Voices, Billboard Pride, and more LGBTQ media go purple and support LGBTQ youth for Spirit Day

In honor of Spirit Day, several LGBTQ media outlets went purple and showed their support for LGBTQ youth through their media coverage. Outlets including The Advocate, Billboard Pride, Go Magazine, HuffPost Queer Voices, LGBTQ Nation, Metro Weekly, NewNowNext, Out, Outsports, PinkNews, them., and Washington Blade showed their support for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day’s tenth anniversary. 

Check out how several LGBTQ outlets participated in Spirit Day below: 

The Advocate

The Advocate documented GLAAD’s 10-year history of Spirit Day in this dynamic slideshow. The outlet also talked to youth activist Jayson Bijack about how to make the most of Spirit Day. The whole Advocate website went purple with an interactive background that linked to GLAAD’s Spirit Day page where people can learn more about the campaign. 

Billboard Pride

Billboard Pride sat down with LGBTQ artists like Justin Tranter, Hayley Kiyoko and Shea Diamond and recorded their words of support for LGBTQ youth who experience bullying. Kiyoko said: “Bullies are lame. Know that there's nothing wrong with you.” Billboard Pride did a recap of the celebrities who have participated in Spirit Day so far. 

Go Magazine 

In honor of Spirit Day, Go Magazine published a piece featuring several of GLAAD’s videos with celebrities who shared messages of love, acceptance, and solidarity to LGBTQ youth for Spirirt Day. 

HuffPost Queer Voices

HuffPost sat talked with singer/songwriter Justin Tranter, who curates the BEYOND Spirit Day concert. In the article titled “Pop Hit-Maker Justin Tranter Fights For Change On And Off The Airwaves,” Justin talk about the milestones queer music has hit this year, including Lil Nas X’s record- and groundbreaking “Old Town Road.”

LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation published a recap of all the politicians, corporations, and celebrities who participated in Spirit Day by going purple and showing support for LGBTQ youth. 

Metro Weekly

Metro Weekly covered GLAAD’s exciting partnership with the UN Free and Equal campaign for Spirit Day. 

NewNowNext & Logo

NewNowNext published an article titled, 2020 Presidential Candidates Show Support for Spirit Day, which featured GLAAD’s videos from Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and Amy Klobuchar. NewNowNext also shared a photo of Monique Heart with Kellogg’s All Together cereal from GLAAD’s “BEYOND” Spirit Day concert on October 16. Logo also made its logo on social media go purple for Spirit Day. 

On Top Magazine 

On Top Magazine published an article that featured GLAAD’s Spirit Day videos with various Presidential candidates. 


In honor of Spirit Day, Out Magazine published articles titled "Spirit Day Is a Reminder of Why LGBTQ+ People Fight for Equality"  and "2020 Candidates Show Support For LGBTQ+ Youth on Spirit Day." Out also changed its online logo and background to purple to show its support for Spirit Day.


Outsports documented sport industries involvement in Spirit Day. Many franchises go purple on Spirit Day, including the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and WNBA. 


As part of their coverage, PinkNews covered the release of Kellogg’s All Together cereal, which was part of the company’s Spirit Day partnership with GLAAD. 


Wren Sanders at them. echoed the words of Pose star of Angelica Ross and said people have to do more than change their statuses to stand up against bullying. “LGBTQ+ Youth Need More Than Anti-Bullying Statutes” highlights key statistics that affect LGBTQ youth. The outlet also published an article titled, “Justin Tranter Is Using Their Music to Stand Up for LGBTQ+ Youth,” which looks at how the pop songwriter rose over $400,000 for GLAAD at the third annual BEYOND Spirit Day concert.

Washington Blade 

Washington Blade highlighted GLAAD’s partnership with the United Nations, which released a video titled “Purple The World.” The video is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese.

About Spirit Day

Each year, millions go purple for GLAAD’s Spirit Day to support LGBTQ youth in a united stand against bullying. Started in 2010 by high school student Brittany McMillan in response to numerous young LGBTQ lives lost to suicide, Spirit Day now draws the participation of celebrities, schools, faith institutions, national landmarks, corporations, media outlets, sports leagues, and advocates around the world, all joining together to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth.

Presenting partners Pantene and Target, official partners Kellogg’s and the NBA and WNBA, and community partners Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Kirkland & Ellis, and Wells Fargo will all participate in the anti-bullying campaign. As anti-LGBTQ policies, hate crimes, and harassment are on the rise, it is now especially important to let all marginalized youth know they are supported.

This year, Spirit Day is on October 17, 2019. Take the Spirit Day pledge to show LGBTQ youth you've got their backs at Follow @GLAAD on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date with #SpiritDay news.