Advocate and Blogger Jeremy Hooper Becomes Best-Selling Author

Equality advocate, journalist, Good As You site editor and creator, one half of the first-ever same-sex couple featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, #glaadcap contributor and master of wit Jeremy Hooper can now add best-selling book author to his list of accomplishments. If It’s a Choice, My Zygote Chose Balls: Making Sense of Senseless Controversy, released earlier this month, is part memoir, part social commentary, and all parts awesome.

In his video book trailer, Hooper explains that the book is “about an everyday American who has had to stand up for who I am. It’s about human rights and the need for everyone to engage. It’s about family, it’s about values, and it’s about life. I found my peace and I found my man, but not before a journey and a fight.”

The video can be found on his blog, Good As You, which he started in 2005. The blog, which aims “to hold all media outlets/ organizations/ public figures accountable for [discriminatory] language or actions,” has gained him much notoriety in the blogosphere and among equality advocates.

“I push forward for equality every day, not giving up until LGBT Americans achieve what they deserve,” says Hooper in the trailer.

If It’s a Choice, available in paperback and Kindle format, is Hooper’s latest “push forward.” It presents the issues facing LGBT Americans in a way that is personal yet accessible to all readers.

Hooper told GLAAD, “I wrote this book because I know that our personal stories are what most effectively move people’s minds. This is sort of an LGBT rights book for people who may not normally read LGBT rights books. It’s not a textbook. It’s not pure polemic. It’s the journey of one man’s life (thus far), which hopefully makes a strong case for equality as a whole.”

Along with being a wise choice for anyone interested in hilarious and poignant reflections, Hooper’s book is also an important read for allies and members of the LGBT community. The general public seems to agree, as the book currently holds the number one spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Gay & Lesbian Nonfiction list.

“The book has been battling it out with Maggie Gallagher’s new book,” Hooper said to us. Gallagher and the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM), of which she is the former president, are frequent topics on Good As You. “This is a truly odd coincidence,” he adds.

Though media coverage of LGBT-related issues are not hard to come by, Hooper, according to the press release for his book, believes “that some of the usual LGBT activism has isolated the fight and stories, leaving much of the continued struggle to go unrealized by the population at large.” If It’s a Choice, then, is “written to engage and entertain as well as inspire further discussion and action.”