Adoption advocate Bryant Huddleston speaks at Philander College

Bryant Huddleston was banned from speaking at a high school earlier this year for being gay and an LGBT advocate, but has now been heard at Philander Smith College.

Bryant is many things: a dad; a television producer for E! Network, Access Hollywood, and BRAVO’s Property Envy on his impressive resume; a believer in equality for families; and an openly LGBT man. Because of that last part, Sloan-Hendrix High School in Arkansas (from where Bryant graduated as a teen in the ‘90s) uninvited the adoption advocate from speaking at its commencement this past May with little notice.

Despite this setback with SHHS, the historically black school (HBCU) Philander Smith College in Arkansas invited Bryant to be a guest speaker at the school’s Bless the Mic series. The lecture series, held on campuses throughout the country, serves to intellectually stimulate college communities and beyond by introducing new people and ideas that the student body may have not previously known much about. Bless the Mic is uniquely designed to engage young audience members with relevant and dynamic speakers—in the past at Philander, this has included presenters like Melissa Harris, James Carville, JR Martinez, NeNe Leakes, Sapphire, and many more.

Bryant will spoke about his advocacy work as well as his broadcast career in which he rose through the ranks from Arkansas’s local KHOG-TV to leading networks. He spoke on Thursday, November 14 at the free event, open to the public.

GLAAD and Bryant teamed up earlier this autumn to bring his expertise as an advocate and experiences as an adoptive father to the nation’s attention by connecting him with Take Part. In that article, he was quoted as asking, “Is going from foster parents to foster parent in their [children in need of adoption] best interest? Or is having their own bedroom, parents, and grandparents?...I know down the road it won’t matter to him if his dad is gay or not.”

His speech at Philander was particularly well timed, considering that we are in the midst of National Adoption Month. According to the Family Equality Council’s Allies for Adoption campaign, there are five times the number of LGBT parents willing to adopt than there are children in foster care, though the majority of states in America have laws and policies preventing LGBT individuals and couples from adopting. You can read more about loving LGBT families here.

GLAAD congratulates Bryant on his speaking engagement and continued work towards equality for LGBT families.