Administration misses deadline to reunite families; Some 700 kids still held

GLAAD is deeply disappointed that the Trump administration missed its deadline to reunite all of the refugee children and families they separated. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, some 700 children and families have not been reunited. An estimated 2,500 children were separated from their parents at the border by an administration with, seemingly, no plan to reunite them, which is unconscionable."We should all care" sign from rally; Statue of liberty holding child's hand

Lack of care toward immigrants and asylum seekers is something that affects many LGBTQ people directly, particularly transgender women held in unsafe detention facilities. A trans woman from Honduras, Roxsana Hernández died just a few months ago during detention, after allegedly being kept in an “ice box” the nickname of the cold detention facilities.

LGBTQ activists have been at the forefront of raising attention to the issue of family separations and the harms of detention. We ask all LGBTQ people to step forward and support the reunion of families, the end of unjust detentions and deportations, and to uplift the work of LGBTQ immigrant activists who advocate on behalf of multiple marginalized and intersectional voices.