ADF's Fiedorek equates serving an LGBT person with serving the KKK, burning Koran, but Chris Cuomo is having none of it

Kellie Fiedorek has quickly become the most visible surrogate for the anti-LGBT legal group known as the Alliance Defending Freedom.  And to be perfectly frank, Ms. Fiedorek has a penchant for making baseless claims that are, um, well—not as astute as she seems to think they are.

This morning, the ADF attorney went on CNN to defend the indefensible idea that religious business owners should be able to deny LGBT customers (and in some states, flout nondiscrimination fairly enacted policies) whenever they don't want to do the job they opened a business to do.  In the appearance, Ms. Fiedorek hauled out a host of supposed analogues (e.g. African-Americans serving a KKK event, a Muslim performing at a Koran burning, etc) that she wrongly believes are on par with the idea of denying same-sex couples, when most of those examples deal with other groups that have their own protections (e.g. race and religion are typically protected in law).  The conservative attorney also tried to make a point about a Jewish baker not being forced to make pork sandwiches, when the obvious difference there is that the Jewish baker would not ever *offer* the sandwiches to begin with—to anyone (and if he did, he'd have to do so equally).  

Thankfully, anchor Chris Cuomo, of CNN's New Day, was AMAZING in beating back her spin! Take a look: