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Michael Sam tells Mizzou he 'worked hard not to cry' when they welcomed him after coming out

March 21, 2014
A month after publicly coming out, Michael Sam writes a thank you letter to the Mizzou community.Read More

March 21, 2014

Jason Collins says he's been target of anti-gay taunts from one NBA player since joining Nets

From a standing ovation in L.A. to fans chanting his name in Brooklyn, Jason Collins received an incredible amount of support from the basketball community as the first openly out NBA player. But despite the fact that the majority of the community encouraged his bravery to publicly come out, Collins experienced some negative comments.Read More

feherty, golf, gay
March 17, 2014

VIDEO: Are there gay players on the PGA Tour? Brandt Snedeker says odds are yes

Although several athletes from different disciplines have public come out in the past year, not one professional golfer made such announcement. Brandt Snedeker, a professional golfer performing on the PGA tour spoke about this topic on a recent episode of "Feherty".Read More

March 14, 2014

The Queen has spoken: Marriage equality is the law in England and Wales

Due to a mandatory 15 day waiting period, first marriages will take place on March 29thRead More

modern family, Australia, marriage equality, video
March 14, 2014

VIDEO: Modern Family stars have a message for Australia

In December of last year, Australia's highest court passed a bill allowing marriage equality in the Australian Capital Territory. A week later, the court struck down the law annulling more than two dozen marriages. Many were devastated by this decision including Jesse Tyler FergusonRead More

March 14, 2014

Congo considering an anti-LGBT law

Congo may become the next country in Africa to make LGBT relationships illegal.Read More

March 13, 2014

Spread of Russian-style anti-LGBT laws

Since the propaganda laws went in effect in , several countries in Eastern Europe proposed similar laws which would negatively impact the LGBT communitiesRead More

March 12, 2014

African gays in U.S. and abroad seek legal help amid spate of harsh criminal penalties

Due to the draconian laws recently passed in several African countries, being an LGBT in Africa brings many challenges. Members of the LGBT community live in constant fear.Read More
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