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Gay South African brutally murdered

April 1, 2014
As Uganda and Nigeria pass draconian laws, individuals in surrounding countries might be more exposed to anti-LGBT crimes.Read More

March 28, 2014

First marriages for same-sex couples in the UK will take place tonight

Today certainly is a historical day for marriage equality as first LGBT couples get their marriage licenses.Read More

March 28, 2014

17 young LGBT Ugandans attempt to take their lives

Since the passing of a draconian anti-LGBT law, 17 young LGBT people attempted to take their lives. Read More

March 28, 2014

Kyrgyzstan introduces Russian-like anti-LGBT law

As Russian like laws spread through surrounding countries, Kyrgyzstan becomes another country to adapt similar anti-LGBT laws.Read More

Marcus Juhlin, sweden, american football, football, sports, gay, coming out
March 28, 2014

Swedish Football player comes out as gay

After being inspired by Michael Sam's coming out story a Swedish football player announces he is gay.Read More

March 28, 2014

Azerbaijan Free LGBT says Love is Love

In honor of a young LGBT activist who took his own life earlier this year, a campaign began to commemorate his work for the LGBT rights in Azerbaijan.Read More

Africa, Ethiopia
March 27, 2014

Ethiopian legislation would make criminal sentences of LGBT 'non pardonable"

As the devastating anti-LGBT laws spread through several African countries, the Ethiopian government now proposes a new bill. The new bill would add potency to an already existing law making living as LGBT even more difficult than before.Read More

March 24, 2014

Anti-gay law will be overturned say Uganda's campaigners

In response to the recent anti-LGBT law in Uganda, a coalition of campaigners decided to challenge the draconian law and file a petition with Uganda’s Constitutional Court in Kampala. Read More
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