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Emotional Testimony in Zapata Trial

April 21, 2009
On Friday, the atmosphere in the courtroom was especially emotional.Read More

April 17, 2009

The Angie Zapata Murder Trial Begins

On Thursday afternoon, the jury was finally selected after two and a half days, and attorneys from the prosecution and the defense presented opening statements in the Angie Zapata murder trial. Read More

April 15, 2009

GLAAD Reports from the Angie Zapata Murder Trial

GLAAD Media Field Strategist Adam Bass is in Greeley, Colo. as the trial in the murder of Angie Zapata begins, working alongside local advocacy organizations on the ground to coordinate local media efforts and support Zapata's family and friends.Read More

January 27, 2009

Equal Rights Washington Using Youtube Videos to Change Hearts and Minds

With the budget crisis looming in the state, as it is in the rest of the country, Equal Rights Washington (ERW) knows that it’s now more important than ever for LGBT people and our allies to ensure LGBTRead More

January 21, 2009

Share Your Story: Utah’s “All For One Initiative” Founder Jacob Whipple

Like in California, activists in Utah rose up after the election to rally against Proposition 8 and against the heavy involvement of the Mormon Church in Prop 8's passage.Read More

January 6, 2009

Oregon's Groundbreaking LGBT Leadership

With the new year, Oregon will see a new level of LGBT leadership in the state. A moment after the new year began, Portland became the largest city in the United States with Read More
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