Actor Jeffery Self releases "Straight People: A Spotters Guide"

Ever wish you had a guide to help you navigate the confusing world of straight people? You're in luck! Straight People: A Spotters Guide is just for you!

Modeled after popular bird spotters’ guides, Straight People is an affectionate and humorous guide to the varied species and subspecies of the straight person. In this hilarious and easy-to-use field guide, actor and author Jeffery Self compiles everything you’ve ever wanted to know about heteros including their nesting behavior, feeding and mating habits, migration patterns, key identification features, and more. Complemented with fun two-color illustrations, interactive charts, graphs, and quizzes throughout, Straight People is sure entertain readers for all walks of life.

Jeffery Self is an actor and writer with a major online presence. He created/wrote/starred in Jeffery and Cole Casserole on LOGO and has appeared on TV shows like Desperate Housewives, 90210, Hot in Cleveland, and as Liz Lemon’s gay cousin on 30 Rock. He is also a frequent contributor to The Advocate and The Huffington Post. Jeffery and his boyfriend Patrick McDonald modeled for an American Apparel campaign (that GLAAD staff also participated in) in 2012. Their video was screened during the 21st Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, to help promote Tokyo Pride and LGBT equality. 

Watch Jeffery and  Patrick  wearing American Apparel "Gay OK" tees:

To purchase your copy of Straight People, click here. For updates from Jeffery Self, check him out on Twitter or visit his website.