ACLU releases "Supercut: Pop Culture's Journey Toward Marriage Equality" video celebrating LGBT film and TV

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear four marriage equality cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee and the decisions resting on these four cases have the opportunity to bring marriage equality to all Americans. As the cases draw near, the ACLU has released a new video, "Supercut: Pop Culture's Journey Toward Marriage Equality," celebrating LGBT couples in film and television. Check it out below and look for some of your favorite moments from Modern Family, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Will & Grace, Longtime Companion, In & Out, The Kids Are All Right and more!

Back in 2013, after the Supreme Court declare the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act" unconstitutional and struck down California's Proposition 8, GLAAD created an infographic illustrating the increase of LGBT visibility in television over ten years correlated with increases in national support for marriage equality. LGBT characters and couples have helped pave the way for culture change as Americans show a record high support of marriage equality. A March 2013 ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that 58% of Americans support marriage equality, the highest total ever seen in a mainstream national poll at that time, which followed a record year with LGBT characters representing 4.4% of all scripted series regular characters on broadcast TV.

GLAAD continues to be a part of the Unite for Marriage Coalition working together in the lead up to the oral arguments and Decision Day to make clear to the Supreme Court that acceptance for marriage equality is strongly supported by the American public, and that now is the time to rule in favor of the protections and responsibilities of marriage. Find out more at