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Tim Cook, el CEO de Apple, sale y habla de ser gay

"Soy orgulloso de ser gay. Considero el ser gay entro los regalos más grandes que Dios me ha dado," Tim Cook, el CEO de Apple, escribió en un ensayo escrito por él y publicado en Bloomberg Businessweek editorial, la mañana del 30 de octubre.Read More

More Spanish-Language TV hosts, celebrities than ever participate in Spirit Day

Spirit Day 2014 enjoyed more support than ever from Spanish-language media hosts and celebrities and we could not be happier. Among the many who participated were Maria Elena Salinas the co-anchor of Noticiero Univision, Jose Díaz Balart and Maria Celeste Arrarás co-anchors of Noticiero Telemundo,Read More

Mexican governor tweets out support of same-sex couple

The governor of the Mexican state of Coahuila, Rubén Moreira, has gotten a bit of press for tweeting his congratulations to a same-sex couple that was able to wed in his state. We love that inclusive leadership.Read More

Latina and bisexual author Daisy Hernández on her new memoir

Great interview in Huffington Post Latino Voices by Braden Goyette with Latina and bisexual author Daisy Hernández about her new memoir, "A Cup of Water Under My Bed."Read More

Brazilian judge recognizes rights of baby with two moms

A Brazilian judge has ruled that a child born to a female couple and fathered by their friend can have all three parents on her birth certificate. According to a report in the BBC, the judge, Rafael Pagnon Cunha, said his decision would open up legal precedents all over Brazil. Read More

Young Colombian man commits suicide after relationship is uncovered by school

A heartbreaking story of anti-gay pressure that led to suicide in Colombia was well reported this week by Natalia Herrera Duran writing for El Espectador.Read More

GLAAD in Chile

GLAAD has been very excited to share what we've learned with advocates around the world who sometimes face incredibly tough situations.Read More

Colorado federal court strikes down state marriage ban

A Colorado federal court has ruled the state's amendment barring same-sex couples from marrying is unconstitutional.Read More
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