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Actress Patricia Velásquez and director Fina Torres on their new film 'Liz in September'

A well-known Venezuelan director walks into a master class in Los Angeles and hears (arguably) the most well-known Venezuelan actress working in the United States doing a scene from a play the director has wanted for years to develop. What happens next? Read More

Afuera del closet y muy visibles: La pareja protagonista del nuevo "reality" Chileno

Se llama 'Happy Together' y saldrá al aire pronto en el canal Chileno TVN. Es la historia de dos hombres enamorados; Julio Cezar Dantas y Juan Pablo Fuentealba.

Read More

Out and very visible: the couple starring in Chile's newest reality show

It's called Happy Together and it will soon air in Chile's leading TVN network, and it's the story of two men in love, Julio Cezar Dantas and Juan Pablo Fuentealba. Read More

Univision stars go purple for #SpiritDay

Among the many Univision hosts and personalities who went purple for #SpiritDay were the cast of morning show Despierta América, along with national news co-anchor Maria Elena SalinasRead More

Colombia's leading LGBT organization joins #SpiritDay

Colombia Diversa, the country's leading LGBT organization, along with la Red Comunitaria Trans and Parces made a #SpiritDay video with the message "It's fine to be who you are."Read More

Increíble apoyo para #SpiritDay para llamar atención al bullying

Hoy es #SpiritDay cuando nos vestimos de morada para llamar atención al bullying o acoso escolar en contra de jóvenes LGBT. Entre los participantes ya se han sumado el elenco de Un Nuevo Día en Telemundo y el elenco de Despierta América en Univision.Read More

Amazing support & a Spirit Day video from Peru

Support for #SpiritDay continues to grow. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen turned her Twitter profile photo purple. And lots of celebrities joined us including Lila Downs, Patricia Velásquez, and many more celebrities from Spanish-language media networks Univision and Telemundo plan to participate.Read More

Latino celebs going purple for Spirit Day

GLAAD's Spanish-Language and Latino Media team has been reaching out to Latino celebrities, including many who star in Spanish-Language shows seen in the U.S. but also internationally, asking them to participate in Spirit Day. And they are stepping up to send a message of love and support to LGBT youth and against bullying. Read More
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