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GLAAD calls on FIFA & US Soccer to stop homophobic chants

Tomorrow, June 3, in the United States the highly-anticipated Copa América Centenario soccer tournament kicks off and which will be watched by millions of soccer fans around the world. Unfortunately, there’s the potential that these fans will be hearing a homophobic chant, “eeehhh puto” which means “hey fag*ot.”Read More

'If you could see what I feel' - PSA aims to show the pain words can cause

A few months ago, after I did an interview in which I mentioned how hurtful insults and slurs can be, my dad called and brought up the subject. He said he was sorry if ever he had talked a certain way in front of me when I was young, if he'd used certain words that made fun of gay people. "We just didn't know back then, not to use those words. We had no idea. It's not something we talked about much."Read More

Let's talk about that word: Mexico's soccer team and anti-gay epithets

Mexico's national soccer team just released a campaign titled, loosely, "Together for soccer," that includes a video in which players discuss the need to respect everyone in their diverse audience. The need for such a campaign arises because Mexico's fans often chant "puto," an anti-gay pejorative in many Spanish-speaking countries.Read More

Must See, Must Share: PSAs with a great message

Chile's Fundación Todo Mejora (It Gets Better) recently launched a great video campaign in which actors read letters from young people who have been or are being bulled. In one, an actor reads a letter from a student who says "I feel very alone. I thought I had friends but when people say homophobic things to me, no one says anything. I feel so alone.Read More

Mexico's LGBT community roars disapproval at film on gay adoption

Mexican LGBT advocates are seeing red over an upcoming film called "Pink" that appears to be filled with stereotypes and negative messages about same-sex couples adopting children. The poster asks the question: "gay adoption—success or mistake?"Read More

Great piece in "Latina" on Florida & Puerto Rican women who fought for marriage equality

Latina Magazine, which is often LGBT-inclusive, features a story in its December 2015/January 2016 issue on Florida and Puerto Rican advocates who fought for marriage equality. Read More

Inspiring mama and awesome teen tell their story

If you love a mom who stands up for her kids without one second of hesitation, you are going to love Ofelia Barba.Read More
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