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President Trump Must Honor 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Riots, LGBTQ Movement

GLAAD CEO: “If the President truly believes in his administration’s campaigns to end global LGBTQ criminalization and stop HIV transmissions by 2030, then he should recognize those LGBTQ Americans who fought and died for these i

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GLAAD Praises Speaker Pelosi, Members of Congress for Passing Equality Act Through the U.S. House; Calls on Senate to Follow Suit

If signed into law, the Equality Act would provide across-the-board protections for LGBTQ Americans in the United States in housing, employment, and other public accommodations

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GLAAD CEO: Trump’s Opposition to Equality Act is a Flip Flop LGBTQ Americans Will Not Forget

Rebuke of the Equality Act marks the 106th time the Trump Administration has attacked LGBTQ Americans in policy and rhetoric

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Congressman Dan Lipinski Must Reverse Course & Support the Equality Act

70% of Illinoisans support adding nondiscrimination protections for the 425,000 LGBTQ people in the state

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GLAAD: Bolsonaro’s Cancellation is a Victory for LGBTQ Brazilians and Allies

Statement from Bolsonaro’s Office via CNBC: “…in light of the resistance and deliberate attacks from the NYC Mayor and pressure from interest groups and institutions that or

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