14 photos of Alabama same-sex couples guaranteed to warm your heart this Valentine's Day

It's been a big week in Alabama! Despite some last-minute legal resistance, marriages for loving and committed same-sex couples have commenced in the state. Our friends at Equality Alabama were posting photos of the couples and families throughout the week on Facebook. Check out some beautiful photos of same-sex couples and LGBT families living and loving in the South. 

Amy and Alexis tied the knot in 2013, and on the 6th they were eager to finally be respected as married in Alabama!

April and Robin from Woodstock were excited to finally marry in Alabama, and they planned to be say I do the first day it was possible!

Yashinari and Adiran were at last married in Huntsville, Alabama - where they tied the knot at Wedding Week!

Tori and Shanté had their marriage license in hand in Montgomery, Alabama on the first day of marriages!

Melissa and Vicky have been making the case to the probate judge in their county to issue licenses, and they say they could not be more excited by the judge's decision.

Pat Halms and Curtis Stevhens have been together for 30 years, after meeting in high school, and they finally got legally married in their home state!

Olanda and Dinah, together 7 years, were one of the hundreds of couples who married this week in Alabama!

Lora and Julie from Piedmont, Alabama got married in Etowah County!

Jake and Shaun, who were eagerly awaiting the freedom to marry in Alabama, are proud to have the support of Jake's mom. "She loves Shaun and thinks of him as part of the family, since, of course, he is. She knows that he keeps me level-headed," Jake said.

Eli and Don, together for 7 years, got married in Jefferson County!

Don't miss Tori and Shanté, the first same-sex couple to wed in Montgomery, Alabama.

Cooper and Jessie, who have been together for 26 years, received their marriage license in Birmingham and went on to get married!

Brooke and Ashley are raising their daughter in Dothan, AL, where they cannot wait to at last legally marry in their home state!

April and Robin returned to their home in Woodstock, Alabama this week with a marriage license in hand.



As we celebrate marriage in Alabama, we also pay tribute to David Fancher, deceased husband of Paul Hard, one of the plaintiffs who has fought so hard for marriage in Alabama. “It’s a good day,” Paul said, clasping a revised death certificate, which at last respects his marriage. “It’s bittersweet. I put my wedding ring with David back on today in anticipation of this moment. I have been waiting for this recognition from the state - but sadly this had to come after his death.”