11 LGBTQ podcasts to subscribe to this Pride Month

In honor the beginning of summer and, most importantly, in celebration of Pride Month, GLAAD has put together a list of some of the top LGBTQ-themed and LGBTQ-hosted podcasts on the internet. While this is not an exhaustive list of all the incredible work queer content creators are making in podcast form, here are a few that GLAAD staff and interns love to listen to or have even hosted, co-hosted, and guest starred! We are always looking for more fresh, nuanced, and creative podcasts to tune in to, so leave a comment with your favorites below!

1) Pod Save the People

You might know the host of this podcast, DeRay McKesson, from his iconic blue puffy vest, his groundbreaking work with Black Lives Matter, or his popular Twitter account where he addresses issues of race, class, sexuality, and social inequity. A well-known community organizer, McKesson emerged as a nationally recognized rallying voice in 2014 following the widespread media coverage after the killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson. Since his work in Ferguson, he has appeared at the forefront of conversations concerning race in America. In "Pod Save the People," McKesson sits down with culture-shaping celebrities, politicians, and activists to host conversations on social change and justice. Most recently, he invited Katy Perry to speak candidly about her treatment of race and history of cultural appropriation. His other guests have run the gamut from Edward Snowden to Keith Ellison to Carolyn DeWitt and others, and it's still just the show's first season. McKesson dedicated a recent episode to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, stating, "As a gay black man in this country, I know what it's like to be in a world that doesn't always support my identity-- that doesn't always make peace with my identity. I also know that we can't let hate win, that this will take all of us to push this world forward."  

2) The Read

Hosted by hilarious pop culture experts Kid Fury and Crissle, this podcast is a window into their world of hip-hop, celebrity gossip, life in New York City, and Black queer kinship. After almost 4 years of working together, Kid Fury and Crissle have built a strong following and have maintained their spot in iTunes' Top 40 Comedy Podcasts. On their SoundCloud, Crissle and Fury describe "The Read" as an "on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city." Some guests of "The Read" include Kelly Rowland, Shaun Ross, and internet star Chescaleigh, who join in to "read" (Black queer slang for bluntly and, at times, harshly telling someone about themself) a celebrity or a topic. During the course of their nearly two hour weekly show, they discuss everything from video games, to Beyoncé, to Drag Race, to how their identities as queer people of color affect their opinions on the hottest celebrity stories of the week. A perfect blend of comedy, politics, pop culture, and life advice, "The Read" never disappoints.

3) Never Before

Trans activist, author, and all-around icon Janet Mock hosts this newly-released podcast series. With a standout lineup of guests including mother to Beyoncé, Ms.Tina Knowles-Lawson; queer actress and activist Rowan Blanchard; and superhero congresswoman Maxine Waters, this podcast is certainly bound for greatness. In the first episode of the podcast, Mock explains that her goal is to "combine her love of conversation and culture, famous-folk and feminism" to push her favorite figures to say more than typical soundbytes, share new stories, and participate in new conversations. Though she has only released three episodes so far, it seems clear that Janet Mock is committed to centering queer people, people of color, and other marginalized voices who have been waiting for the chance to share their stories. 

4) Nancy

This short but thoughtful podcast wastes no time letting you know what they're all about--- their tagline is "Because everyone's a little bit gay." Hosted by two best friends, Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, this show focuses on issues affecting the LGBTQ community and specifically addresses the struggles of being queer and Asian. In the very first episode, Tu and Low share their coming out stories and interview their parents on what the experience was like from their point of view. They are unapologetic in the way they share their personal experiences and, in turn, encourage their guests and listeners to share in a similar way. Guests on the show include "Master of None" star Lena Waithe, musician Rufus Wainright, and non-binary actor and friend of GLAAD  Asia Kate Dillon. Though the show has only been out for three months, it has already gained a loyal listener base and is sure to continue growing in the future. 

5) The BiCast

The aptly named "BiCast" podcast fills an important gap in LGBTQ programming and is brought ot us by BiNet USA, a national organization advocating for bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer-identified and unlabeled people. Geared towards providing a platform for and amplifying bi voices, "The BiCast" offers news, information, and most importantly, community for bi+ people. The show is hosted by Lynnette McFadzen (President of BiNet USA), Becca Tsarna, and Mick Collins-- self-described "regular people" who make up a fun and dedicated cast of characters. In each episode, one of the hosts meets with notable authors, artists, and activists to discuss issues of inclusion, health, representation, and creativity. Last October, Lynnette sat down with GLAAD's very own Alexandra Bolles to chat about Spirit Day, GLAAD's anti-bullying campaign. In the conversation, Alexandra and Lynnette discussed the ways in which the BiCast, BiNet, and GLAAD have worked to increase bi-specific programming, especially through GLAAD's guide on Reporting on the Bisexual Community and Bi Week. Be sure to listen and check out all the ways GLAAD is collaborating in the community!


This podcast, hosted by HuffPo writer Jeffrey Masters, focuses on the importance of recording oral histories and appreciating the singularity of every individual's story. The show highlights that "some of the most important people in LGBTQ history are alive today," and through this understanding, the goal of "LGBTQ&A" is "[to document] their lives, while also highlighting the diversity in our community." In each episode, Masters picks the brain of active and inspiring members of the LGBTQ community to hear the stories that shaped their journey. Among Masters' notable guests are translatina activist Bamby Salcedo, drag queen Trixie Mattel, and non-binary advocate Jacob Tobia. You can listen to "LGBTQ&A" online at AfterBuzz.com or on YouTube as filmed interviews. 


7) Black Girl Dangerous Podcast

Created by the geniuses who started Black Girl Dangerous, a popular online blog and news source that seeks to amplify the voices of queer and trans people of color, the "Black Girl Dangerous Podcast" offers a "much needed dose of intersectional analysis on your favorite moments and current events." Hosted by Raquel Willis, a media savvy Black queer transgender activist, this podcast discusses everything from Amber Rose, to Congressman John Lewis, to the Black Church. Willis is a strong believer in the power of digital media as a tool of resistance and liberation and has succeeded in her endeavor to create an inclusive and intersectional space for conversations and learning. From having a conversation about Colin Kaepernick with feminist blogger Cate Young to discussing Get Out with Black queer Muslim activist Blair Imani, Willis' podcast is full of nuanced conversation and funny banter.

8) Come Thru Queen

This fun and sassy show is co-hosted by Dan and GLAAD's Senior Manager of Digital Communications Brendan Davis. Every week, the two sit down to give a queer take on all the reality shows that *really* matter: Real Housewives (the Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York, Orange County, and New Jersey varieties to be exact), RuPaul's Drag Race, along with an assortment of Bravo programs. Dan and Brendan's show is your one-stop-shop for all the most important pop culture, reality TV, and celebrity gossip news you need. It also has the catchiest theme song around. And if you love their show, you can keep up with them on all forms of social media including CTQ's Tumblr and Twitter

9) Umbrella

This panel-style podcast brings together diverse members of the LGBTQ community to discuss internal and exteral issues that impact the community. With only a few full panel episodes released so far, GLAAD has already found its way into the great community of collaborators behind this project. In the most recent episode, hosts Glynn M. and Dawson Schacter sat down with the director of GLAAD's digital team, Taylor Behnke, to discuss intersectionality within the LGBTQ community and her own experiences as a bisexual woman of color. Though the project has only just begun, the discussions the Umbrella podcast has generated are worth a listen. 


10) Food 4 Thot

This raunchy podcast is a free-for-all gathering of queer multiracial writers who love to talk about "sex, identity, culture, what we like to read and who we like to read." The "Food 4 Thot" team is made up of Tommy "Teebs" Pico, who describes himself as an "indigenous American poet, serial truth-teller, Myers-Briggs: IDGAF;" Fran Tirado, a "writer, editor, 3rd-tier Gay Mafia card-carrying member;" Dennis Norris II, an "author, ex-figure skater, purveyor of metallic clothing;" and Joe Osmundson, a "scientist, memoirist, professional troll to his racist cousins on Facebook." Together, these four hosts are not ones to hold back on the rosé, critical literature analysis, suburban soccer mom clap-backs, or resistance strategies. 

11) Café con Chisme

This podcast is hosted by siblings Sebastián and Yasmin Ferrada and focuses on "all things Latinx, race, pop culture, y más!" In every episode, Yasmin and Sebastián discuss issues like cultural appropriation, immigration, food, and police brutality, offering their opinions and thoughts through vibrant and pointed banter. Never ones to shy away from calling out white nonsense, this podcast is perfect for anyone looking for an escape from the drama of politics and the 24 hour news cycle. With a strong and dedicated following, "Café con Chisme" has created a supportive and inclusive community on their Facebook page and through their interactions with listeners.