“A League of Their Own” star Lea Robinson is working “to create braver, safer, more inclusive spaces.”

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos joins actor and activist Lea Robinson (pronounced "Lee, uses he/they pronouns) to talk about his role on the new Amazon Prime Video series, A League of Their Own. The series is a remake of the iconic 1992 film with the same name, only this time, fans get a closer look at what life was really like for queer and Black players.

“It's one of my all time favorite films in the world,” Robinson, who plays Uncle Bertie, says about the original movie. “So, to be a part of something that takes us a little bit deeper into some of those stories that I’ve always been really curious about is just the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Robinson gets emotional when talking about the importance of bringing the stories of Black and gender non-conforming players to life. “The opportunity to breathe life into this character that I know existed and exists, was so powerful, it was humbling, and it was an honor to do it.”

To prepare for the role, Robinson did a great deal of research to understand what it was like for Uncle Bertie to be a Black and gender non-conforming person at this time in history. Robinson recommends the book “Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity.” They go on to say that “This is the work I do anyway in the world… I work to create braver, safer, more inclusive spaces.”

Robinson has dedicated his career to “talking about what it means in sports to create safe and inclusive spaces for student athletes and coaches.” So, “To be able to step into this role of Bertie, it wasn’t a stretch. That’s my existence.”

And what would it have meant for Robinson to see this more inclusive version of A League of Their Own as a child? Simply put, Robinson replies, “It would have been everything.”

Season 1 of A League of Their Own is available now on Amazon Prime Video.