¡Aguas! Heads Up! Connecting you to interesting Latinx media, art & cultural happenings

¡Aguas! Heads Up! Connecting you to interesting Latinx media, art & cultural happenings

1) Get Ready for "Vida"

Vida, the much-anticipated half-hour drama with both Latinx and queer content, premieres Sunday, May 6th at 8pm ET/PT on STARZ. Latinx writer Tanya Saracho's show focuses on two Mexican-American sisters from East Los Angeles and will explore culture, identity, gender, and sexuality from a Latinx point of view.   

Credit: STARZ


2) Natalia LaFourcade Releases Musas Volume 2

New music from Natalia Lafourcade is finally here! She has returned to take the Latin Music industry by storm with volume 2 of her album Musas.  As in her first album, Volume 2 includes another treat for fans -- a song with the widely recognized guitarist duo, Los Macorinos.    

Sony Music press photo 

3) One Day at a Time Returns for Season 3

After passionate viewer petitions for Season 3 of One Day at a Time, Netflix made many viewers happy and picked up ODAAT for another season. And the internet went crazy over the news.  ODAAT follows a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles.  With a teenage lesbian lead role and a Latina veteran mother dealing with PTSD, the show tackles issues like mental illness, homophobia and LGBTQ issues, sexism, immigration, and racism faced by many in the Latinx community in the United States.   

  Twitter Twitter

Twitter Twitter


4) Cumbiatón Wants to Help You Shake it

Angelenos looking for a new place to dance and have a good time now have Cumbiatón LA.  These events celebrate Latinx music and culture, and DJs play a variety of music like cumbias, afrolatinx music, Spanish rock, 80's music, etc.  For more details about upcoming events, follow them on Instagram at @cumbiaton_la

Cumbiaton LA Cumbiaton LA


5) Here Comes Gio Bravo

Gio Bravo is a 25-year-old transgender singer-songwriter of the regional Mexican music genre.  Since the age 12, he has written some 200 original songs. One of GLAAD's Rising Stars recipients, he will be releasing his debut album El Comienzo on April 25th.  In addition to the album release, you can also look forward to the release of his first music video for "Mañana Te Olvido." And in the near future, he will also be releasing a music video for "Que Se Puede Hacer" which will star a transgender woman as the lead role. 

For more information on Gio Bravo and his music, follow him on Instagram @giobravo_eltransformer  

El Comienzo will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon, and many other platforms.

Gio Bravo Gio Bravo        

6) Fuerza Fest About to Light Up NYC

Fuerza Fest, the Latinx LGBTQ festival showcasing "art on the frontline," will take over New York from May 8th to the 20th.  It will take place at the Julia de Burgos Performance & Arts Center.

1680 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10029

(Between 105 & 106 Streets)



7) Radio Ambulante Shares LGBT Love Story

Radio Ambulante recently shared the story of "Jaz y Lalay," two Costa Rican women in love.  ¡Viva el amor y viva la inclusión!


Jaz y Lalay - Radio Ambulante

8) TransMilitary

GLAAD helped fund the documentary TransMilitary which follows the stories of four transgender troops advocating and speaking out against the transgender military ban recently enacted by the administration.  It premiered in March at the SXSW Film Festival and has earned a 9.2/10 on IMDb and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.