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Two novelas give viewers LGBTQ characters to root for

Two novelas airing on Univision offer LGBTQ viewers in the United States and Mexico something to care about. Amar a Muerte centers on a supernatural storyline and includes two women in love, Juliana Valdés (Bárbara López) and Valentina Carvajal (Macarena Achaga). Also on Univision, the novela “Mi marido tiene más familia” has fans in Mexico and the United States rooting loudly for Aristóteles (Emilio Osorio Marcos) and Temo (Joaquín Bondoni ). The pair inspires young Latinx viewers worldwide who’ve made #Aristemo trend on Twitter. The show even included a grand rainbow flash mob of kids during a scene in which Ari asks Temo to be his boyfriend



One Day at a Time returns!

Season 3 of One day at a Time returned on Netflix on February 8 and fans are thrilled. Starring Rita Moreno, Justina Machado and Isabella Gomez, the show focuses on a Cuban-American family and includes queer storylines. In season three, the show tackles mental health, gender equality, consent, addiction, and LGBTQ issues.

Podcasts explore the LGBTQ and Latinx experience

Latinx and queer folks can hear their stories in two podcasts, De Pueblo, Católico y Gay and Univision’s Azul Rosado. Both feature open-ended conversations where friends and families share their own experiences as LGBT people, allies, and much more. One segment of De Pueblo, Católico y Gay explored what it means to be asexual. You can find these podcasts here and can follow Azul Rozado here

Bad Bunny plays with gender and sexuality in new video

Bad Bunny plays with sexuality and gender in his new music video, Caro which opens with him singing then continues with his vocals but a female model voicing the song. The video shows him living in a pink house and having his nails painted. Bad Bunny was famously refused service at a nail salon in Spain, allegedly because he is a man, and took to Twitter to loudly protest. “…With last month’s release of the music video for "Caro,” a cut from his late-2018 debut X 100pre, the Puerto Rican rapper came out as ally to the LGBTQ community,” writes Lucas Villa in MTV News. Bad Bunny performed at the Grammy’s Feb. 10, where other Latinx artists, like Camila Cabello and Cardi B. made history.

You can check out Caro here