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The GLAAD Wrap: 'In The Heights' out today; new projects from Elegance Bratton and Billy Porter; new music from Orville Peck, VINCINT, and more!

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QUEERSPACE collective launches mentorship program for LGBTQ youth in Minnesota

Last week, the newly formed QUEERSPACE collective in Minnesota announced the launch of QUEERSPACE hangouts, an intergenerational mentorship program creating safe, inclusive space to support

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June 9, 2021

Guest Post: My queerness and identity as a Muslim rarely sit at the same table - and I want that to change

 When I tell people that I’m queer, I’m typically bombarded with a cacophany of questions. Are you out to your Pakistani parents? Can you even consider yourself Muslim? Are you sure that God accepts you? Do you know for sure?

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How to come out in a Walmart parking lot: John Paul Brammer on the LGBTQ&A podcast

"You just want someone to hear you out and affirm, 'No, you belong here,' or 'There's nothing wrong with you,' or 'This is all part of the process of figuring yourself out.'"

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