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Introducing GLAAD's inaugural class of 20 Under 20 Honorees

GLAAD's Rising Stars 20 Under 20 list spotlights twenty young LGBTQ people who are shaping the future of media and activism.

Saying goodbye to 'Schitt’s Creek': A place where everybody fits in

In all of my TV watching, I have never watched something quite like Schitt’s Creek.​​​​​

Why LGBTQ youth need sex education

For LGBTQ and questioning youth specifically, sex ed can be a frustrating and dangerously misleading experience.

'Are You The One' Season 8 offers something groundbreaking through a familiar reality TV formula

I appreciate AYTO because it depicts the process of becoming increasingly comfortable and confident in yourself.

#BiWeek or Not, bi+ people like me need representation

I always knew I was queer, but it took me a long time to realize I was bisexual. Enter Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy.

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