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Celebrate bisexuality+ with GLAAD for #BiVisibilityDay at the end of #BiWeek 2020

Bisexual+ Visibility Day (sometimes known as Celebrate Bisexuality+ Day) takes place on September 23rd, to honor the Bisexual+ community. It is also the last day of BiWeek. Check out some of the work that GLAAD did to celebrate BiWeek 2020.

Why Updating the Definition of Bisexual Matters on Bisexual+ Visibility Day and Beyond

On Bisexual Visibility Day, we not only applaud the visibility of out bisexual+ people, but we call attention to the misinformation about bisexual+ people that too often exists in the media and within the broader LGBTQ community. 

Celebrating four of my favorite bisexual TV characters this #BiWeek

For this year's #BiWeek, I wanted to shine a spotlight on four bisexual characters who have been favorites of mine personally. Let us know who some of your favorite bi+ characters are!

Some questions to ask yourself as you become a better bi+ ally

Despite working at GLAAD, I know I still have work to do every day to be a better ally to bisexual+ people. Here are some questions I ask to check myself and make sure I am being the best ally I can be.

A look inside the #GLAADInstitute's #BiWeek workshop

Yesterday, I was thrilled to host the GLAAD Media Institute’s Media Advocacy Essentials for Bisexual+ People publicly to celebrate the first day of #BiWeek alongside leaders from the Bisexual Resource Center and Still Bisexual. The GLAAD Media Institute works to equip advocates and activists with the best tools to work with the media to accelerate acceptance.

Sign up for a #GLAADInstitute workshop this fall

The GLAAD Media Institute has announced their Fall course catalogue—all free and open to any activist or advocate who wants to learn GLAAD’s best practices to make their voice heard. Check out the calendar here.

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