Amplifier June 2010 - Snapshots of Our Work

National News: Amplifying the Voices of Gay and Lesbian Service Members


Last week, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer aired a compelling story about the impact of the military’s ban on openly gay service members.  Correspondent Bob Woodruff profiled photographer Jeff Sheng, whose new photobook features the images and stories of gay and lesbian military personnel currently serving under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. During the report, Woodruff also interviewed Sergeant Anthony Bustos, who courageously came out in the segment. GLAAD media trained Bustos and Sheng before the ABC interview and equipped them with the tools necessary to express themselves clearly and effectively.  By lifting the voices of gay and lesbian military personnel, GLAAD is helping to shape a world in which all qualified individuals can serve and strengthen our nation’s military regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Media Coverage:

ABC World News Tonight— May 25, 2010
“The Camera in the Closet: Gay Service Members Speak Out to ABC News About Don't Ask, Don't Tell”


Religion, Faith & Values: Challenging Anti-Gay Legislation in Uganda


GLAAD’s Religion, Faith & Values team is working with the LGBT Episcopal group Integrity USA to publicize a national speaking tour featuring Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo.  Bishop Senyonjo is the only Ugandan bishop who openly supports LGBT people and despite being stripped of his pension and clerical responsibilities, continues to speak out against Uganda’s brutal ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009’. 

GLAAD is pitching Bishop Senyonjo’s story to regional and national news outlets and continues to assist Integrity USA with media strategy.

GLAAD also worked with Dr. Cindi Love of the LGBT faith group Soulforce to pen an op-ed for The Huffington Post that exposes the atrocities of Uganda’s proposed bill and calls on readers to stand up for LGBT Ugandans. 

Media Coverage:
The Associated Press – May 30, 2010
“Ugandan Anglican Leader to Speak in Minneapolis”

The Huffington Post – May 24, 2010
“Uganda, Gay Rights and the Mandates of Compassion”


National News: Spotlighting the Importance of Federal Employment Protections


This past week, GLAAD staff prepared two spokespeople to talk about the importance of employment protections for LGBT people at a National Press Club event in Washington, D.C. GLAAD worked with Donna P., a transgender woman from Baltimore who was fired from two jobs just for being who she is, and Gloria Nieto, a California resident, former member of the Democratic National Committee and former executive director of the People of Color AIDS Foundation, who is currently unemployed and attributes the situation to her sexual orientation. 

As the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) awaits action in Congress, it is crucial that Americans hear the stories of those people harmed by workplace discrimination. By elevating these voices in the media, GLAAD is working toward a world where LGBT people have an equal opportunity to earn a living and support their families.

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