the voice and vision of a new generation

VIDEO: Inside the lives of a modern queer family

March 29, 2018

This Women’s History Month, GLAAD Campus Ambassador Kali Villarosa and her mother, Vickie Steller, sat down in their Brooklyn home to discuss their experiences as queer women, growing up and raising a queer family, passing on the legacy of intersectional feminism to future generations, and more.

Kali, a queer woman of color, described her experience growing up as inclusive and accepting, in an environment which she calls her LGBTQ Village, with many queer mothers. Kali and Vickie’s family exemplify the power of family love through expressing queer kinship cross-generationally. In the video, Kali states her strong sense of self and safety would not be possible without pioneering queer women who have paved the road for her to grow up in such an accepting, non-traditional, and progressive community.

Vickie’s generation serves as the trailblazers and role-models for their children. Kali and her brother are members of a new LGBTQ generation that have benefited greatly from and are carrying on the legacy of their parents' activist movements. Together, these generations of queer women are working to make the world a better place.
Micah Prussack is a Campaigns Intern at GLAAD and a graduating senior at NYU Gallatin studying social anthropology. She is passionate about using media and culture to better the lives of marginalized individuals. 

Abdool Corlette is the Video Production Manager at GLAAD. He uses digital media to accelerate acceptance for all marginalized people. Abdool is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts.

the voice and vision of a new generation