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VIDEO: College students share their first LGBTQ kiss stories

February 14, 2018

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we asked three of our GLAAD Campus Ambassadors to share the story of their first LGBTQ kiss. Describing their kisses as “hilarious” and “very liberating” these LGBTQ college students reveal what this milestone means to their identity.

The average age for a first kiss is 15 years old, but among LGBTQ adults 17 is the median age at which they say they knew they were LGBTQ. It’s likely then that queer people are having their first LGBTQ kiss later in life than their straight and/or cisgender counterparts. Some LGBTQ young people may have been kissed before but point to their first LGBTQ kiss as a different, more significant moment in their lives. When their first LGBTQ kiss happens, it’s validation of all the time that went into feeling secure in their identity.

First kisses are seen as a rite of passage—a benchmark on the way to adulthood. But to LGBTQ folks, their first identity affirming kiss can mean so much more. It’s a door opening to a whole new world. It means exploring your identity with the support of people around you. It can serve as an introduction to an identity and shared community. It often serves as validation of your sexual and romantic orientation.

What was your first LGBTQ kiss? Share your story with @glaad on social media this Valentine’s Day using the hashtag #LGBTQkiss.

Adrian Vega is a GLAAD Campus Ambassador and junior at Stanford University studying Communication with a focus on Digital Media. He is currently interning at GLAAD as a Youth Engagement Intern.

Abdool Corlette is the Video Production Manager at GLAAD. He uses digital media to accelerate acceptance for all marginalized people. Abdool is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts.

the voice and vision of a new generation