GLAAD introduces amp, new series for LGBTQ youth

the voice and vision of a new generation

GLAAD introduces amp, new series for LGBTQ youth

February 14, 2018

Welcome to amp!

amp is young creators series, produced by GLAAD, featuring content and stories created by and for young change makers. amp series features original content including op-eds, creative writing, photography, art, videos, and other creative content.

The amp community is made up of people just like you: we are students, stans, artists, media junkies, activists, and more. By subscribing to amp, you are joining a growing community of young LGBTQ and ally advocates dedicated to sharing positivity and empowerment through the media.

The stories you see on amp have been created by other young advocates with the hopes of connecting their worlds to yours, and our world of inclusive media to society. Together with GLAAD, we are rewriting and reclaiming media to reflect the realness of the lives with live.

In our launch week, amp content includes a video featuring GLAAD Campus Ambassadors discussing their first queer kiss, a photo series and Q&A of student activists experiences with love, identity, and activism, and articles exploring dating in the digital world, long distance relationships, finding oneself through a queer relationship, and more.

amp keeps you up to date on the latest and greatest LGBTQ content, and serves as a platform to get your own amazing work published. amp subscribers will have the opportunity to share their stories, learn media and storytelling techniques and best practices from the GLAAD Media Institute, and be a part of other GLAAD campaigns and initiatives.

Stories about our lives, stories about our activism, and stories about our dreams matter. We know that stories can change hearts and minds in order to shape the world into a more accepting place. As members of the largest LGBTQ generations in history, we need a place to share our ideas, connect, and mobilize our networks. Our voice and vision deserve to be amplified. That’s why we have amp.

Subscribe to amp to receive updates on calls for submission, how to get involved with upcoming campaigns, and read exciting new amp content.

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Clare Kenny is a Campaigns Manager at GLAAD. She leads GLAAD's Youth Engagement including the Campus Ambassador Program, Rising Stars Grants Program, and amp series. Clare is a graduate of Skidmore College.

the voice and vision of a new generation