College campuses across the country take action for #SpiritDay

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College campuses across the country take action for #SpiritDay

October 20, 2018

Thursday, thousands of students across the U.S. took a stand against bullying for GLAAD’s annual #SpiritDay. These students are not only setting an example in their universities. By bringing bullying and harassment awareness from their campus to online spaces, they are demonstrating why they are role models for over 87% of LGBTQ youth in K-12 who experience with bullying.

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From lighting their campus monuments purple, to inspirational photo campaigns, and speaking at elementary and middle schools to promote anti-bullying awareness, these student activists made their voices heard on Spirit Day, and GLAAD is proud to amplify their stories.

Check out below to see examples GLAAD Campus Ambassadors taking action on their campuses to end bullying.

Berkelee College of Music

AJ Lawrence & Nicole Gemmiti

AJ and Nicole teamed up with Berklee’s student organization, Berklee LGBT+ United to celebrate Spirit Day by encouraging all of their members to go purple! The students held a master-class about how to be an active bystander! They also talked about strategies that we can all implement to successfully reduce harm inflicted upon LGBTQ+ youth in their communities.

University of California San Diego

Andrew Auh

Along with members of the UC San Diego community, Andrew created a photo campaign to send positive affirmations to LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day. Click here to view the incredible photo series and messages of hope!

University of California Santa Cruz

Daniel Segobiano

Daniel spent Spirit Day in the UCSC quad with his fellow Resident Assistants. Together, they asked students to stop by their table, learn the facts about bullying, and take a photo in their amazing Spirit Day frame!

University of Colorado, Boulder

Briannah Hill

Briannah and their furry friend, Purp the Sloth, traveled around Boulder’s campus, spreading Spirit Day cheer. Click here to watch the full video!

University of Houston

Jayson Bijak

In addition to being a student at UH, Jayson serves as a student teacher in a Texas public school. Jayson proudly wore purple and taught a lesson about acceptance and being true to yourself using Michael Hall’s book, Red. Click here to learn Jayson’s tips on how teachers can support trans students!

Ithaca College

Elena Piech & Avery Santiago & Rosey Mulvey

Elena, Avery, and Rosey held a photo campaign at Ithaca College to promote Spirit Day and awareness for anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment. The IC GLAAD Campus Ambassadors tabled in the college's campus center. As students walk past their table, they asked them to take a photo with the purple Spirit Day props, and take GLAAD's pledge against LGBTQ+ bullying. Fun fact: Ithaca boasts the most GLAAD Campus Ambassadors of any school in the country, so everyday must feel like Spirit Day at IC!

University of Indiana

Sara Warner

Sara created a multimedia Spirit Day social media moment to tell personal stories and foster awareness for Spirit Day at Indiana University. In addition to the incredible custom Spirit Day art, like the image above, she took to Instagram to share messages of support and encouragement from LGBTQ community members at IU. Click here to see Sara’s stories archiving Spirit Day.

Kutztown University

Kylin Camburn

Kylin tabled alongside the GLBTQ Resource Center at Kutztown University. They created an interactive "Learn the Facts" display that included information from the GLSEN National School Climate Survey as well as resources for Allies and LGBTQ+ people in Pennsylvania.

Marshall University

Gabe Brown

Gabe created a photo campaign featuring quotes from the participants about their own story and an image of the participant going purple for Spirit Day. In addition to the photo series, the Marshall University LGBTQ+ office tabled to have students take the Spirit Day pledge.

Ohio State University

Ose Arheghan

Ose went back to their alma mater, Shakur Middle School to present a powerful speech about bullying. In their speech, Ose gave much needed advice to the young audience by saying, “never let someone's position of power scare you into silence. Your lived experience and your truth is valid despite other people who may say it's not and even if you’re still figuring out what that truth may be.”

Ohio University

Michaela Ashburn

Michaela worked with the Ohio University LGBT Center to go purple and encourage students to take the pledge, wear purple, and learn the facts about bullying. Fun fact: Ohio University LGBT Center also celebrated their 20th anniversary on this year’s Spirit Day!

University of Tennessee

Patrick Mardis

This Fall, UT SGA Diversity Affairs Committee hosted the unity project: A public art piece that represents the interconnected identities on campus. Patrick used this event as a Spirit Day celebration to promote awareness for bullying. Click here to watch the full video.

University of Wyoming

Josiah Maisie

Josiah and the University of Wyoming went totally purple for Spirit Day! Josiah teamed up with UW's Gateway Center, and lit up the building in purple all day and through the evening in honor of Spirit Day.

Additional #SpiritDay participation:

University of California-Irvine, Niko Gonzalez

Cascadia College, Mei'lani Eyre

Grand Valley State University, Rachael McCollum

The Evergreen State College, So’le Celestial & Jonathan Leggette

Kansas State University, Adam Carr

Louisiana State University, Leigh Fresina

University of Minnesota, Palmer Haasch

Rhode Island College, Liam Fifer

St. John’s University, Kayla Inman

Texas Tech University, Parker Reyes

Tulane University, Justin Sandoval

About Spirit Day

Each year, millions go purple for GLAAD’s Spirit Day to support LGBTQ youth in a united stand against bullying. Spirit Day draws the participation of celebrities, schools, faith institutions, national landmarks, corporations, media outlets, sports leagues, and advocates around the world, all joining together to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth. Take the Spirit Day pledge to show LGBTQ youth you've got their backs at Follow @GLAAD on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to follow all the #SpiritDay action.

Clare Kenny is the Director of Youth Engagement at GLAAD. She leads GLAAD's Campus Ambassador Program, Rising Stars Grants Program, and amp series. Clare is a graduate of Skidmore College.

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