Apply now to receive a #SpiritDay grant for your work supporting LGBTQ youth

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Apply now to receive a #SpiritDay grant for your work supporting LGBTQ youth

October 14, 2019

GLAAD announced today that it is accepting applications for the 2019 Rising Stars Grants for Spirit Day. The Rising Stars Grant for Spirit Day honors GLAAD’s annual Spirit Day, the largest and most visible LGBTQ anti-bullying campaign. Spirit Day represents a means of speaking out against LGBTQ bullying and standing with LGBTQ youth, who disproportionately face bullying and harassment because of their identities.

The grant is eligible to LGBTQ young people who are working to accelerate acceptance for LGBTQ youth by focusing on anti-bullying initiatives in their communities. The recipient of the Rising Stars Grant will receive $1,500 for their commitment to combating bullying and harassment experienced by LGBTQ youth. 

The effects of bullying on LGBTQ individuals are serious, complex and long-lasting. LGBTQ students report feeling unsafe when on school grounds, often resulting in missing a significant number of classes or dropping out because of the continuous harassment they face at school. It is critical for advocates to focus on eradicating hate and bullying in their communities. That's why GLAAD is awarding a Rising Stars Grant for Spirit Day to support the work that is already being done by young leaders to create change. 

2019 GLAAD Rising Stars Grant recipient, Giselle Bleuz. 

Former Rising Stars Grant recipients have been honored for their thoughtful work to address many issues facing their local communities, including eliminating stigma experienced by undocumented queer youth through social media campaigns, educating youth audiences on gender, sexuality, and acceptance through a viral YouTube web series and more!

To apply for a Rising Stars Grant, applicants must complete an online application form and submit a short essay responding to the following prompt:

  • How would you use this grant to create or improve an anti-bullying program or initiative in your community? Additionally, how and in what ways would you use the media to amplify your mission and increase your initiative’s impact? 

A GLAAD-appointed committee will select grant recipients using the following criteria:

  • Applicant’s initiative positively affects marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQ people.
  • Applicant’s initiative uses innovative anti-bullying strategies to accelerate acceptance for LGBTQ youth in their communities.
  • Applicant’s initiative enhances representation for LGBTQ people through media advocacy.
  • Applicant’s initiative uses an intersectional approach to LGBTQ advocacy.

Key dates for applicants:

  • Monday, October 14, 2019: Applications available.
  • Sunday, October 27, 2019: Applications due by midnight PST.
  • Friday, November 1, 2019: All applicants are notified of status; recipients notified.


the voice and vision of a new generation