5 Reasons to become a GLAAD Campus Ambassador

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5 Reasons to become a GLAAD Campus Ambassador

August 9, 2018

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you a college student? Are you LGBTQ+ and/or an ally? Do you want to learn about how to use media to create positive change? Well then you should apply to be a GLAAD Campus Ambassador!

Last year I was looking for ways to involve myself with LGBTQ activism. I asked my friend Joon if they knew of any opportunities to work with GLAAD. Joon was a part of the inaugural class of GLAAD Campus Ambassadors. They encouraged me to apply to the program and I got in! This last year as a Campus Ambassador has changed my life and my activism for the better and I know the GLAAD Campus Ambassador program can do that for you, too!

Still not convinced? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should apply to be a GLAAD Campus Ambassador.

1. Join an awesome network of LGBTQ and allied students from across the nation.

This last year, there were 130 GLAAD Campus Ambassadors in 106 colleges and universities nationwide. These amazing young activists will quickly become a support network you can rely on for help, laughs, and inspiration.

2. Sharpen your media skills.

Through get togethers and trainings, GLAAD Campus Ambassadors get to hone their skills in digital, social, and traditional media. Whether it’s learning how to pitch a story to a news station, promoting GLAAD and yourself on social media, or writing for amp, GLAAD's platform for and by LGBTQ youth, Campus Ambassadors will leave the program feeling more secure in their media advocacy skills.

3. Connect with LGBTQ leaders.

Through GLAAD you will have access to some of the leading folks in LGBTQ activism. Through their work with GLAAD, Campus Ambassadors have met iconic Olympian, Adam Rippon, the amazing Executive Editor of them., Meredith Talusan, the queer prince of pop, Troye Sivan, and many more! 

4. Support GLAAD’s advocacy efforts.

GLAAD is always looking to engage young leaders in their work. Whether it’s contributing to Spirit Day campaigns, writing about an issue that matters to you on amp, or just sharing your story through a digital campaign, as a Campus Ambassador you will get the opportunity to strengthen and amplify GLAAD’s culture changing work.

5. Wear your pride with cool GLAAD swag.

If these reasons weren’t enough as a GLAAD Campus Ambassador you will also get some nice GLAAD swag. Whether it’s Spirit Day merch or samples of the GLAADxASOS designs, Campus Ambassador will get to strut around their school with GLAAD swag!

Click Here to Apply!

Adrian Vega is a GLAAD Campus Ambassador and a rising senior at Stanford University studying Communication with a focus on Digital Media. He served as the Youth Engagement Intern at GLAAD in 2018.

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