Campaign For Blind Justice
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A line-up of "ex-gays" stares solemnly off of the page. The top of the page asks, "Why would anyone vote for unequal justice?" The headline reads; "Hate crime laws say we were more valuable as homosexuals than we are now as former homosexuals."

The rest of the ad poses an argument for voting against hate crime legislation and urges onlookers to call their local Senator and voice their opposition. This particular ad is from Orlando, Florida, but The Campaign For Blind Justice is a national effort to effect the same change nationwide.

This ad earns a "Negative" rating for a number of reasons. First, the fact that these repressed homosexuals call themselves "ex-gays" is misleading. The implication is that homosexuality is a choice; the choice is a matter of self-acceptance.

Secondly, this approach would likely make hate crimes more prevalent on account of less severe punishment for the offenders.

The cause this ad represents would be a significant regression for the gay community should it be realized.
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