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A continuation of Aetna's pursuit of the gay market since October 1996 in OUT magazine with mainstream ads focused on retirement services, this ad takes Aetna a step forward with gay-specific creative that deals with diversity.

The company joins an increasing effort by major corporations that are creating a presence for themselves in gay media with employee diversity ads. But unlike many other companies' diversity-focused ads, Aetna's offers a gay-specific image, not just text, showing two women embracing.

The text reads: "The people who work at Aetna are men and women. They represent many generations. They come from different places and a wide range of life experiences. But more than anything, they are people. They are the people who make us a diverse company. The more ideas, opinions and outlooks we have, the more competitive we are as a company, and the better we can serve our customers. That's why at Aetna, we only hire people."
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