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Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live star Joe Piscopo appears as "Helga Piscopo -- Ex-East German Swimmer" along with three mustachioed buddies in wigs and dresses (his accent is more Russian than German).

Holding a stogie, "Helga" says: "When I used to compete for girls swim team of East Germany, my comrades and I always loved to come to America. We love the stylish clothes and late night TV. But most of all, we love the Miller Lite. Truly superior beer, not only tasting great but also less filling, which is important to comrades and I so to keep the girlish figure."

The cocktail waiter wearily comes over to light Helga's cigar as they all say about him, "Hey, cute huh?"

It appears the joke is on the masculinity of East German women, more than cross-dressing but the ad appears to have inspired, oddly enough, the "Ladies Night" series begun in 1993 from Bud Light.
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